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Floor-convector - Floor-heater - Floor-channel

  • We  would like to introduce to you on these pages the heating system of the  future that is energy-saving, demanding, health-protective and easy to  assemble.

  • With our floor-convectors we can replace almost any manufacturer's product, whether it is convectional or fan configuration.

  • It  is advisable to design a floor-convector in front of larger glass  surfaces, where we do not want to destroy the big picture with  radiators, but want to balance the heat loss due to the large glass  surface. The major part of heat leaves through doors and windows, so we  recommend our floor-convectors directly in front of doors and windows.

  • Easy  to assemble, copper pipe (15 or 22) aluminum lamella heating register,  on which ends are valves on flexible pipes with 1/2" threaded  connections for easy connection, and the trough pipe bodies are  pre-drilled, making intake easy into the box.

- The floor-convector troughs are made of two materials:
- rust-proof
- deadburned steel sheet

  • In  case of rust-proof configuration condensing water outlet stub may be  ordered optionally for a surcharge. This is necessary if we would like  to use it for tempering (cooling) in the summer. This requires a  heat-exchanger, which ensures the 6/12 °C cooling water.

  • The  floor-convectors our company distributes are built into the cushion in  front of the door or window, and are covered with aesthetic wood,  aluminum anodized or rust-proof cover plate.

  • The fan-coil thermostat is not included with the fan-version of the floor-convectors.

  • Easy to clean, which is important for healthcare reasons (dust allergy).

  • The  price of floor-convectors does not include assembly and delivery.

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