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Today, large surface windows, glass doors, facades and winter gardens are extremely popular. More and more constructors and designers favor houses where a significant part of the facade is made of glass. Our floor-convectors completely shield the cold-radiation of large glass surfaces, and guarantee the feeling of comfort.

Our company provides solutions to provide a general condition and comfortable warmth regardless of the large glass surfaces!

The floor-convector is practically a radiator sunk into the floor. These must be built in front of large glass surfaces to solve dehumidifying and eliminate the large amount of lost heat due to the glass surface.

The floor-convector can aesthetically compensate for the inertia of floor-heating and ensure the dehumidifying of large glass surfaces. Generally, the heat-requirement of places heated with floor-heating is greater; this is when we use the floor-convector.

The Stilltech floor-convector system creates a screen of warm air, which shields from the in-streaming cold, eliminating and balancing the temperature difference.


  • completely noise-free
  • constant, even temperature
  • aesthetic, the fact that a radiator is not required is not negligible from furnishing aspect


  • high investment cost
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